Amalgamation: Endgame/Aeternal Apparition

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Aeternal Apparition
OriginAuronian Legends
ResistsUnholy, Poison
Weak toHoly
Immune toAll debuffs except Frozen and Stopped
A nondescript blob of shifting red, blue, and black. It's not certain what it is, but it's menacing, and Naka does not seem to like it at all.

Hidden, squirreled away in some obscure corner of the Amalgamation Engine, is an indescribable blob of malevolent goop. Presumably coded in manually by one of the Engine's programmers, given the lack of things from Rutania found in this iteration of it, and accordingly made much less malignant than the real deal, this mass of corruption and plague is not something that should be trifled with. It holds within it the capability to corrupt creatures that come into contact with it, gradually twisting them into abominations that then seek to spread their plague further. Fortunately, this cave seems to have some kind of effect on it that keeps the Aeternam from leaving it, but it's still plenty dangerous.

And don't go thinking for a second that this thing is some harmless blob that's only dangerous if you touch it. It has a mind of its own. And if you approach... you're in a lot of danger.


Whenever a character makes contact with this monster or is hit by one of its attacks, unless they are protected by a shield such as Arcane Aegis or Shield Share, that character has a 50% chance of being inflicted with a stack of Aetern. The chance of affliction increases by 10% for each pre-existing stack of Aetern the character has, capping at 100% at 5+ stacks.

Each stack of Aetern reduces all stats by 10%, and comes with additional effects based on how many stacks the character has. At 2 stacks, the afflicted character takes 5% of their maximum health as Unholy damage at the start of each of their turns. At 5 stacks, the afflicted character is affected by the effects of Dizzy. At 7 stacks, the afflicted character is affected by the effects of Aging. And finally, at 10 stacks, all stat loss and other adverse effects of Aetern stacks disappear, but the character loses control of themself in a manner similar to Charmed. Immunity to the original debuffs does not protect characters from any of the effects of Aetern. This means that, yes, even Hexlyia can be corrupted if she gets hit enough times.

Stacks of Aetern can be removed in a few ways; effects that remove debuffs can remove one stack at a time, and taking Holy damage will also have the same effect. Additionally, while outside of battle, stacks of Aetern wear off one at a time on their own every turn. All stacks will also be removed immediately upon leaving the Aeternal Apparition's cave.

Unlike with players, stacks of Aetern applied to the Aeternal Apparition have the inverse effect; each stack boosts stats by 10%, and additional buff effects are granted to the Apparition when it has enough stacks; Unholy Storm is granted at 3 stacks, Unholy Spikes at 6 stacks, Floating at 9 stacks, and Hasty at 10 stacks. Like with players, these stacks can be dispelled by debuff-clearing effects (though only those originating from players) as well as Holy attacks, however these effects only have a 25% chance to clear a stack of Aetern.


Move Cost Description
Pseudopod Fire out a blob of Aeternam at someone within 2 tiles, doing 1xSTR Crush damage.
Mana Pulse 16 MP Fire a small mana bolt at someone within 5 tiles, doing 1xCHA Typeless damage.
Power Bolt 32 MP Fire a powerful bolt of mana at someone within 4 tiles, doing 2xCHA Typeless damage.
Aetern Accumulate Self-inflict two stacks of Aetern.
Atom Storm 256 MP Fire off a massive barrage of tiny mana bolts in a cardinal direction, hitting every player in a cone in that direction for 9xCHA Typeless damage split between everyone hit, and reducing the defensive stats of every hit player by 10%.
Particle Cannon 128 MP & 1 Aetern stack Fire a massive blast of Aeternam, hitting every player in a straight line (cardinal or diagonal direction) for 8xCHA Unholy damage, and inflicting Silence on every player until the start of the Apparition's next turn.