Amalgamation: Endgame/Aleksandr and Argon

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Aleksandr & Argon
Pokemon smol.png
Character Overview
NameAleksandr & Argon
RaceShinx & Growlithe Lines
Accessories (1 each)

Aleksandr awakens in a strange land, transformed into a Shinx with no memory of who he is or how he got here. His only lead is a nagging feeling that he needs to find somebody. But who? Is it the party? Is it Argon? Is it somebody else?? Tune in to find out.

Gameplay Overview

Aleksandr and Argon's main resource is Stamina. Stamina is consumed to use their inherent attacks and other skills granted to them and regenerates slowly at the end of each turn. If they don't have enough Stamina to use a move, they can overexert themselves, which zeroes out their Stamina, converts the rest of the Stamina cost to recoil damage, and forces them to skip their next turn. The Stamina cost of attacks depends on the strength and number of potential targets of the attack, with stronger and area-of-effect attacks costing considerably more; it's possible for Aleksandr or Argon to have a move that costs more Stamina than their maximum via TMs, requiring them to overexert to use it.

During battle, Aleksandr and Argon have the ability to split up. Splitting up allows them to move and attack different enemies (or attack the same enemy twice), but their attacks pull from their weaker individual stats and movepools. Additionally, their weaker defensive stats and separate HP means they are much more easily defeated.

They can also share a space in battle. When sharing a space, they have somewhat higher stats and share HP, both benefit from beneficial statuses, and become more resilient to single-target negative statuses, but they can only use one move in a turn. Damage taken while sharing a space is distributed evenly among them depending on their current HP, meaning they can't be defeated individually. In this state, they gain access to powerful combination attacks; these attacks grant huge buffs, deal very high damage, have long range, and/or deal guaranteed statuses, but cost Stamina from both combatants.

Damage dealt by or to Alexsandr and Argon uses a slightly modified version of the Pokémon damage formula. Notably, the formula ignores the accuracy and evasion stats of both attacker and defender, and instead imposes a -10% to +10% accuracy modifier depending on the speed stat of both combatants. This damage is calculated automatically, using the damage calculator tables on their character sheet.

Grid-based movement was also their shtick before it was adapted to the whole game. (this was a change for the better)


Being quadrupedal and non-human, Aleksandr and Argon naturally can't use most equipment. They can equip one accessory each.

In addition to generic accessories, a few specialized accessories are available to them:

  • TMs: TMs can be consumed to teach Aleksandr or Argon a new move, provided that move is in their learnable movepool. When equipped as an accessory, they can use that move in battle.
  • Z-Crystals: When equipped, after dealing damage enough times, they may use an exceedingly strong, one-time only Z-move, provided they have a move of the correct type: Aleksandr requires an Electric move, while Argon requires Fire.
  • Z-Ring: When equipped by Aleksandr while Argon holds a Z-Crystal, the damage requirement to use Argon's Z-move is ignored.


Aleksandr and Argon's story will be told mainly through character interactions with the party and will avoid walking over the main storyline. This section will be edited as this LORE happens in-game.