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There are a couple different ways the battlefield itself can be affected during combat in Amalgamation; the primary two ways are through Panel Effects and Field Effects. Panel Effects are special effects that are tied to specific panels on the battlefield, and impact any entity occupying any of those panels. Field Effects, on the other hand, are effects applied to the entire battlefield at once.

Field Effects

For the most part, Field Effects are fairly straightforward; an ability, be it a Summon or otherwise, puts an effect in one of four slots, which applies that effect to every character and monster on the map. The available slots are:

  • Ambient, which is intended for regional effects from general terrain or weather; most often this will be occupied by permanent field effects corresponding to the region the battle takes place in. By nature, any permanent field effect in this slot will almost always be carried over between battles, since it's tied to the general region rather than something that was done during battle.
  • Localized, which is intended for... well, much more localized effects, and most effects that occupy this slot will be temporary. Field effects in this slot never carry over between battles.
  • Boss, which is essentially a unique Localized slot reserved exclusively for bosses and other strong monsters. Player-based effects cannot affect this slot directly at all; any field effect in this slot can only be overwritten by a monster, never by summon or player effects. Accordingly, use this slot a bit cautiously, as allowing a boss field effect to be temporarily overridden as a permanent Localized or Ambient effect may be a good idea for some fights. On the other hand, using this slot for a boss effect means up to four effects can be active at once, so beware of that as well.
  • Special, which is a completely distinct slot used for miscellaneous purposes. Not much is likely going to use this slot, but it's here if a field effect is intended to stack with all other active field effects.

The way field effects interact with each other is generally fairly straightforward; field effects in different slots are applied separately, and any field effect being applied to an already occupied slot can either fail, overwrite the existing effect, or temporarily replace it, depending on the permanency of the involved effects. In general, a permanent effect can't overwrite another permanent effect, but can overwrite any temporary effect; conversely, in general a temporary effect can overwrite another temporary effect that has a shorter duration, or temporarily replace a longer-lasting effect (such as a permanent effect) as the active field effect in that slot until its duration is up, at which point the previous effect becomes the active field effect again.

Some field effects can circumvent these rules, and will note as such either on a field effect basis or on an action basis. Some field effects may always overwrite other field effects regardless of their permanency, or some field effect-applying... effects, may similarly overwrite any existing field effect in the slot they concern. Field effects can also be immune to replacement/overwriting, but this should generally be avoided; that's what the Boss slot is for.

Notably, some effects can cancel out field effects on a per-entity basis; for instance, a boss might be immune to Localized field effects, or a monster might be immune to storm effects like Supercell.

Field Effect Name Description
Supercell Monsters have 25% subtracted from their Water, Electric, and Wind resistances, and all attacks have a flat accuracy reduction of 10% for players and 25% for monsters.
Effects can be reversed if the effect was applied by a monster rather than a player/summon, or made universal for regional effects.
Darkshade All attacks have their accuracy reduced by 50%.
Holysong Everyone regenerates 2 UP worth of Special Points every turn. Meddy has her Charge limit increased by 10.
Solar Flare All Fire and Holy attacks do 25% more damage, all Water and Unholy attacks do 25% less.

Panel Effects

These are a little similar to field effects, but they affect only the panels they are drawn onto. Each panel effect has its own unique graphic. Two are from Live A Live, and most of the rest are from Mega Man Battle Network.

Panel Image Panel Name(s) Panel Description
Conveyor Panels.png Conveyor Panel These panels move whatever is on them in the direction they indicate at the end of the turn. If a conveyor panel leads onto another conveyor panel, that panel also takes effect, chaining until a conveyor panel leads onto a non-conveyor panel.
Electric Panel.png Electric Panel Deals Electric damage to anything standing on it at the end of each turn.
Lava Panel.png Lava Panel Deals Fire damage to anything standing on it at the end of each turn.
Poison Panel.png Poison Panel Deals Poison damage to anything standing on it at the end of each turn.
Grass Panel.png Grass Panel Fire attacks that hit anything on this panel do double damage. If this happens, the panel disappears afterward.
Water Panel.png Water Panel
Sea Panel
Electric attacks that hit anything on this panel do double damage. If this happens, the panel disappears afterward.
Sea Panels specifically also inflict Drowning on anything standing on them at the end of each turn, and fish monsters are invincible while on them if they don't act.
Ice Panel.png Ice Panel Water/Ice attacks that hit anything on this panel do double damage. If this happens, the panel disappears afterward.
Additionally, these panels have ice physics; if something moves onto an Ice panel, willingly or otherwise, it continues moving until it either moves onto a panel that isn't Ice, or until it hits a wall.
N/A Hole Panel Cannot be stood on. (Doesn't currently have a graphic.)
Prism Panel.png Prism Panel Anything on this panel has its elemental resistances and weaknesses doubled.
Does not double weaknesses for player characters if the panel was created by Prisma's summon.