Amalgamation: Endgame/Naneru Kanada

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Character Overview
NameNaka (f.k.a. Naneru Karada)
PlaystyleAuronian Legends
ArmorHead, Torso
WeaponsLeft Hand, Right Hand
AccessoriesUp to 4
Preferred Equipment
ArmorLight armor
WeaponsSpell foci*, Claws/Knuckles, Katanas, Polearms
*uses accessory slots

Naka, formerly known as Naneru Karada, is a powerful mage and Goddess of Destruction hailing from another world. She dropped into the Amalgamation Engine out of boredom, looking for an adventure to occupy her for the time being, and has accordingly 'depowered' herself temporarily to play fair, so to speak.

Gameplay Style: Auronian Legends

Naka is, essentially, a walking, talking, magical artillery platform. And a very fast one. Due to one of several mutations that resulted from her unusual birth, Naka's mana pool has no upper limit to its capacity, allowing her to passively accumulate mana over time. By this point, she has so much of it that for all intents and purposes she might as well have an infinite supply of it; this has some rather weird effects on the way she fights.

Unlike most characters, Naka 'regenerates' MP very readily; truthfully, she doesn't regenerate MP like that at all, but it's essentially an in-game representation of, rather than how much mana she has at her disposal, how much she can safely use. Naka may have a virtually infinite supply of mana, but using it too quickly is actively detrimental, and can result in her hurting herself, in a phenomenon referred to as 'mana overload'. This is represented in game as her being able to use MP past 0, wherein going into the negatives causes her self-damage that cannot be mitigated, at a rate of 4 points per MP spent.

Despite this unusual quirk, Naka specializes in spamming high-damage, often wide-area magic attacks. Though she also punches plenty, her bread and butter is shitloads of mana bolts and giant lasers. These magic attacks are all (generally) typeless, as they're nothing more than pure mana, but they're nonetheless very effective because she has so many of them. In particular, her kit enables her to cast multiple skills per turn, and power up those skills at increasing MP costs, often both at once. She also has at her disposal a font of additional power- Divinity Points, or just DP, which she can use to activate transformations, cast special skills, and call summons.

In general, Naka is very much a glass cannon; her maximum HP is on the low side, her DEF is abysmal even against magic damage (which it's 50% more effective against), and she has no way to heal herself normally. However, her potential burst damage output is incredibly high, and when outspeeding enemies significantly she can be very hard to hit. When transformed, she's also exceptionally good at sustained damage, though unless transforming twice she becomes much more vulnerable due to losing her Arcane Aegis, which makes up a lot of her survivability.


In terms of equipment, Naka can wield most weapons with some level of competence, but really only works with four primary categories- Claws, Knuckles, and other Fist weapons, which enable the use of the Punch and Arcane Comet skills; Katanas, which enable the use of the Slash and Holy Blade skills; her spell foci, which are tied to a lot of her non-physical skills; and polearms, particularly Spears, which she has no skills for, but for lore reasons is capable with anyway. Any weapon outside of these four categories contributes halved stats, and weapons may not contribute to Naka's CHA stat.

Additionally, Naka can equip up to four accessories and up to four pieces of armor (the two hand slots are however shared with weapons). In terms of accessories, more or less anything is fair game, but notably one or two accessory slots are going to be occupied by spell foci at most times. In terms of armor, Naka is only proficient with light armor. In both the case of accessories and armor, they can contribute to CHA, unlike weapons, and any that would provide INT or some other equivalent provide CHA instead. Any piece of equipment that provides RES instead provides that amount as DEF; if the equipment provides both DEF and RES, the two numbers are added together and applied to DEF.

When wearing armor she's not proficient with (Medium and heavier), Naka's DEX is reduced by 25% for every tier above Light the armor is, up to a maximum of 75%, and additionally, like with weapons, the armor contributes half the stats it normally would.

Spell Shooters

Spell Shooters are a unique mechanic to Naka; essentially, they're buffs she can assign to herself or other nearby characters that last until cancelled, and provide unique effects. They consume MP when initially created, and additionally take up a partial or full spell focus, preventing the focus in question from being used for other things such as certain skills or... more Shooters. They also consume half of their initial MP cost whenever they activate, referred to as their 'upkeep'; multicasting does not affect upkeep, but overcharging does.

Once in effect, Spell Shooters can only be removed in a couple specific ways. Naka can cancel them at-will during her turn (which does not interfere with her ability to do other things during her turn), but they'll also all auto-cancel if their total upkeep cost exceeds Naka's current mana at the start of her turn post-MP regen. They will also auto-cancel immediately if Naka is hit with any effect that prevents her from using skills that aren't her basic melee hit, as they are essentially semi-autonomous magic drones.

Presently, there are four types of Spell Shooter, each providing different effects and using up either half a spell focus or a full spell focus. Naka herself can assign 2 to herself at a time, and 1 to other characters up until level 20, wherein the amount she can assign to any given character (herself included) is doubled. The types of Spell Shooter are as follows:

  • Beam, which fires, as you can probably guess, a beam at the nearest enemy at the start of Naka's turn. Notably, this Shooter type does NOT have a maximum range; if an enemy is on the battlefield, they can shoot it.
  • Shield, which provides the character it's assigned to an HP shield that refreshes in full at the start of Naka's turn, or if assigned to herself instead boosts her Arcane Aegis, increasing its limit and restoring it per-turn until it hits that increased limit.
  • Pulse, which is the only Shooter than uses an entire focus instead of just half, emits a magic pulse at the start of Naka's turn to damage nearby enemies.
  • Empower, which provides the character it's assigned to a boost in a specific stat while it's active.