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Summon Stones are a mechanic that were originally created by Hex as a purely hypothetical thing pretty much stolen wholesale from Granblue Fantasy, and then apparently they wound up being liked and adopted proper so joke's on me I guess.

Summoning Mechanics

Summon Stones are essentially reusable skills in item form that the entire party (kind of) can make use of. These stones must first be equipped, at which point any player character has access to them; once equipped, a player character can use a summon stone as an action on their turn, assuming the stone isn't on cooldown and they can meet its cost, should it have one. This can only be done once per turn for the entire party, however, so summoning should be carefully coordinated.

Once a character (henceforth designated as the 'summoner') uses a summon stone, its effects occur immediately, with the summon appearing, doing its thing, and in most cases disappearing immediately afterwards. Additionally, that summon stone's cooldown is engaged, rendering the particular stone unusable for a while, or for the rest of the battle if the stone doesn't have a stated cooldown.

The effects of summon stones vary wildly; they can basically do anything, though obviously more powerful summons are generally more expensive to use, often starting battles on cooldown or only being usable once. In general, though, as mentioned previously, they're basically just weird skills, although unlike Naka's (which their basic mechanics are somewhat based on), they have a couple unique quirks. Many summons have essentially two ranges- a range for how far away they can be summoned, and a range from their initial point of summoning. Additionally, unlike Naka's skills, any summon whose effect has a yellow square can have their effect area oriented completely independently from the character (whereas normally Naka's skills can only be oriented away from her).

Equipping Summons

Summon Stones can be equipped in special slots that are available to the entire party; to start with, there are two of them, with more becoming available based on the party's average level. Stones can be freely swapped around outside of battle, and additionally once per battle a Summon Stone that isn't on cooldown can be swapped out with a different one. Notably, once-usable summons cannot be swapped out mid-battle once they're used, as they are considered to be on cooldown indefinitely.

If the party has multiple copies of the same summon stone, they can freely equip it multiple times, and each copy has a separate cooldown.

Four extra summon stone slots become available to the party based on the average party level, or APL- one each at APL 20, 40, 60, and 80.

Summoning Costs

On the spreadsheet, Summon Stones will sometimes have costs listed for them- these costs are in UP, or Universal Points, which are essentially just a universal metric that's converted to the relevant form of Special Points for the summoner. Not all summons have a UP cost, but those that do subtract said cost immediately upon being summoned. I'm not going to go into the ratios here yet, as they're still subject to change, but they can be found at the top of the Summon Stones sheet.

Unlike with scrolls, for summoning Naka uses Divinity Points as Special Points for summoning instead of Mana Points. This is a very intentional choice due to how much more expendable MP is for her compared to other characters. Like with scrolls, though, Naka cannot multicast on the same turn she summons, and she cannot overcharge Summon Stones.

Also, Meddy uses Charge points for summoning instead of her Custom Gauge. If Meddy spends even one point of Charge, she loses all of it.