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Character Sheets

Zekrom Noivern Ultima LHB LucasRCD Hexagonaldonut
Status: Fine Status: Fine Status: Fine Status: Fine Status: Fine Status: Fine
Field: None Field: None Field: None Field: None Field: None Field: None

Party Skills

Defend Run Pray Lifesense
Empty Embrace Empty Promise Empty Critique Unlearned
Narrative Tattle Narrative Scan Narrative Hint Narrator Summon

Virtual World Battle 4! - "Lightvayne"


"Man, I feel weird. Like someone forced me to type in a completely different color. But that sounds like an existentially nonsensical feeling." "... Uploading this data is taking a while. Really nice of you to just stand there like that, and not, you know, attack me. Actually you guys are completely motionless, are you all ok? Did something happen?" "Well, whatever. The upload is done. You're in for it now!"

The AR projectors whir to life, assembling the uploaded lifeform in meatspace. You're not astounded when it looks nothing like your lost comrade Lightvayne.

Fred Fucks just looks on in horror, going through several mental breakdowns in the course of a few seconds upon realizing he has been completely punked yet again.


"What is this? Is this some kind of big joke? Am I a joke to you? I am a joke to EVERYONE? Why is none of this working?"


"I'm guessing you would have purrfured someone else? But don't get furious bub. I was programmed to prevent cat-aclysms. Purrsonally I wouldn't be helping you, but these people give me paws for alarm. I sense clawful energies on them that the system told me to prevent. Besides bub, I'm pretty furmidable myself."

Yep. This is happening.

HP: 1/1 FP: N/A BP: N/A SP: N/A STR: 20 END: 0 MAG: 0 RES: 0 MOV: 3
Status: Death Protection (100)
Field: Fine