Wrath of the Void/Disciples

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The Disciples of the Void
General Info

The Disciple of the Void are a cult of worshipers of the powers of the Void, a dark and dangerous expanse of reality in between dimensions. Some are crazy, some are corrupted by the power of the Void, all of them are evil in some capacity. Their goal is straightforward: to call forth their patron from the abyss, and return all that is to the Void. Given all of this, it goes without saying that they tend to conflict with the Starguided on the regular, and are their primary opposing faction. Alongside the Starguided and the Freelancers, the Disciples are of the game's 'default set' of factions, and thus are the most widely-supported Evil faction, and the standard by which other Evil factions are balanced.


Like the Starguided, the Disciples feature a healthy mix of conventional and unconventional classes within their archetypes, and much like the Starguided, the first class of an archetype within the faction is generally the more conventional of the two.

  • Hexblade, a sturdy melee tank with strong self-buffing, capable of charging up powerful melee strikes if left alone long enough.
  • Darkslayer, a swift melee fighter with powerful sword strikes and the capability to create doppelgangers to distract opponents.
  • Acolyte, a potent ranged caster with some zoning and healing capability.
  • Corrupted, a twisted ranged caster centered around 'enmity'-style gameplay, doing self-damage and doing more damage to opponents when at lower HP.
  • Arbalest, an agile ranged attacker with powerful crossbow attacks, but somewhat limited range by sniper standards. Great at escaping.
  • Voidslinger, a versatile ranged attacker with a multitude of options, as well as ignoring defenses sometimes at high levels.
  • Phantom, a quirky melee specialist with stealth, and summoning capabilities, as well as powerful minion support abilities.
  • Necromancer, a ranged casting specialist focused entirely around summoning and minion support.