Wrath of the Void/Starguided

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The Starguided
General Info

The Starguided are a group of eccentric adventurers backed by an otherworldly power generally referred to as the Stars of Astrus. These mystical warriors possess a wide variety of interesting abilities, and wander worlds helping people, fighting evil, and in particular are generally opposed to the forces of the Void. Accordingly, they generally stand opposed to the Disciples during games. They are, alongside the Disciples and the Freelancers, among the 'default' faction set, and accordingly are the most widely-supported Good faction and are the fulcrum around which Good factions are generally balanced.


The Starguided feature a healthy mix of fairly conventional classes and fairly unconventional ones; for the most part the first example in each archetype is fairly conventional, but the second isn't. Nothing archetype bending, but certainly a little weird. These classes are as follows:

  • Solar Knight, a straightforward melee tank with high defense.
  • Royal Guard, a less straightforward melee tank with a bit of ranged capability, relying on complete, conditional damage negation rather than defense.
  • Midnight, a simple but powerful ranged caster with some debuffing utility in addition to solid damage output. Not very sturdy, though.
  • Sandsage, a more strange ranged caster that trades some general damage for strong, defense-reducing debuffs, as well as providing buffs to allies that make them harder to hit.
  • Cannoneer, a straightforward ranged attacking class with higher-than-average mobility.
  • Star Burster, a much less straightforward ranged attacker with slightly less mobility than Cannoneer in exchange for solid area-of-effect attacks and longer attack ranges.
  • Astralmental, a peculiar support class offering zoning capability and a bit of buffing.
  • Golem, an adaptable support that acts as a jack-of-all-trades, able to adapt to incoming damage, change its stats, and cover a wide variety of roles, however at the cost of being less good at them.