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Advanced Paper Mario is the (god god i hope it's) final PM system by Impetus, presented as an alternative to the classic PMR system. this page will need a fuckload of cleaning up, I'm just using it to dev rn instead of spreadsheets.

Links: APM Mechanics

Main Tennants:

Skills, HP, FP and BP are all gained by Star Pieces, which are gained every level.

STR/END/MAG/AUR all no longer exist. The power of skills, or player defenses, must be increased through badges and equipment only.

Greatly reduced number of classes. Other classes for obscure characters exist as partners, instead. Epic Classes introduced as classes with more limited customization but greater skill depth.

New partner system allows players to carry up to three partners at a time. Partners can be commanded to move for the player. Players and their Partners share BP/FP. Unsure if they have HP or not.

Equipment types are changed. Rather than having different tiers of equipment, there are different types - each class can equip it's own set of types. (E.G. Plumbers can equip hammers, light armour, suits, hats, maybe guns.)

The player's side of the field could also be customizable, and there could be a wider array of space types (chasm, elevated, water tiles, etc.) <this is probably a dumb idea remind me to axe it when i have the heart for it.

thoughts: have base classes also posses weaker partner versions in some cases?

Tentative Base Class List:

Tentative Epic Class List:

  • Goop 2.0? (doesn't work well in this system)

Tenative Partner List:


  • Ent
  • Celestial
  • Astromancer
  • Chronomancer
  • etc.