Dicey Dungeons: The Forum Fangame

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This is the contents page for all of the info related to Dicey Dungeons: The Forum Fangame.

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  1. The Pilot - No Special Rules
  2. Downgraded - All of you are cursed! And the curse affects each of you individually...
  3. Enhanced Enemies - Enemies are enhanced each floor, but you pick which enhancements they get for that floor.
  4.  ??? - Beat 1 more episode to reveal.
  5.  ??? - Beat 2 more episodes to reveal.
  6.  ??? - Beat 3 more episodes to reveal.


Dragon - Does dragon-y stuff.
Bunjurer - Prepares magic spells from a spellbook.
Mage - Uses degradable equipment, but salvages parts to forge into stronger items.
Brawler - Gains mana as a resource to fuel powerful skills.
Robot - Presses luck against CPU to roll his dice.
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Status Effects